The most expensive booze in the World

Hey, we are back after a short Easter brake (whisky-fuelled but rather counter-productive). Hope you all had a cracking weekend.

Exchanging modest Easter presents with the nearest and the dearest pushed me to thinking about that last bottle of 1919 Springbank (£50,000), and then to wondering what the most expensive alcoholic drinks of all times were. Hence this unusual wee post.

If you are a show off, and you have a bottomless pit of cash, then this list is for you. Certain ex-chairmen (Sir Fred Goodwin) of certain large multinational banks (Royal Bank of Scotland), who have just received massive pay-offs and pensions (£693,000 a year) may be interested.


Most expensive bottle of wine (undrinkable)

According to Forbes, the most expensive bottle of wine was a 1784 bottle of Chateau Lafitte, sold for the unbelievable price of £105,000. This bottle was owned at one time by Thomas Jefferson and has his signature on it. It is undrinkable, it would taste like vinegar. source

Most expensive bottle of wine (drinkable)

7 bottles of Montrachet 1978 from Domaine de la Romainee-Conti sold for $167,000 in 2001. This puts the price of one at £24,000. source

Most Expensive bottle of Champagne

Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsick

It was meant to be delivered to the Russian Imperial family in 1916, but the ship that was bringing it sunk off the coast of Finland. 200 bottles were discovered by divers in 1997. The price: a whopping $275,000. source

Most Expensive Tequila

Produced by a company called Ley 925. The bottle is white gold and platinum. The price: $225,000. The tequila inside is premium one, but it’s only six years old, so you are mainly paying for the bottle and rarity, there are only 33 of these around.

Most Expensive Cognac

When they were selling their rather expensive-ish tequila, Ley 925 found that people who had this kind of money were more keen on cognac. The one they produced is a 100 year old in a diamond, white gold and platinum encrusted bottle. The price? 1 million pounds. No use looking behind the couch for a bit of spare change, this is serious money!


After looking at this list, the Springbank 1919 actually seems like a bottle of supermarket’s own brand…

I would be interested to know what’s the most you have ever paid for a whisky (poll on the sidebar) and whether it was worth it.


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