Whisky Fringe 2009

wf1It’s official. Whisky Fringe is the best whisky event in the world, it beats all the other ones using only its left hand while blindfolded. Maybe it’s the venue that does the trick, could be the unreal, laid back atmosphere, who knows. One thing is for sure, last Saturday I had the best time, strolling between the stands and grinning at the exhibitors like a man possessed in hope to go where no whisky blogger has gone before. (dramatic music starts)

When some time ago I was exchanging emails about me coming to the event with Arthur Motley from The Royal Mile Whiskies, I said “sure, I’ll pop in”… Arthur was ever so slightly offended “you’ll pop in? I suggest more of a campaign mentality”. And I followed. Well rested, with my belly full of greasy food, I headed to the New Town with as much of a campaign head on as I could muster around lunch time.

The event is idiot-proof in its form. At the entrance you receive a glass and off you go, free for all. At half time exhibitors crack open a special bottle they have stashed away for the day, so you have to make sure you are hovering around the right stand when the time comes. And that’s it. It works perfectly. Do people get merry? Obviously. Was there any drunken, loud behaviour towards the end of the session? Absolutely not. Conclusions arise…

Here is a message for our dear government: Leave us alone, do not dictate us when and where to enjoy a drink. We are perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves!

I (obviously) failed to take note of everything I sampled, but here is a short list of what we could call the highlights:

  • Yamazaki 18 yo
  • Kilchoman 3 yo (to be released)
  • Cooley 10 yo (from A. D. Rattray)
  • Tomintoul 14 yo
  • AnCnoc 16 yo
  • Jura Delme Evans Edition
  • Ron Los Valientes 20 yo
  • Glenmorangie PX
  • Springbank 1970-2007 (from Wemyss)
  • Glenfarclas 40 yo
  • Arran 1996 Peacock* (released that very day)

What else can I say? Better get your Whisky Fringe 2010 tickets sorted! They will go on sale on 1st December.


*The famous Arran distillery peacock, Albert, apparently did a runner from the grounds a couple of days ago, which coincided with the launch of the whisky dedicated to him. Well funny (although smells to me a bit like marketing peacockshit, but never mind).

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