Four Tasters of the Apocalypse: Part 2 – Burr Oak

Previously on The Four Tasters of the Apocalypse: Resurrected Lords of Arran were joined by The Tasters in the battle of Montague Street. The powers of Good prevailed and the One is now coming, his path paved with the skulls of his fallen enemies.


Euan sunk deeper into his seat. His face was a tone paler than before, his forehead pearled with sweat, as if a great burden suddenly dropped on his shoulders. Chris simply froze, only his eyes scanned the nave of the Highland Cathedral, jumping from one Taster to another in search of answers.

The Mole stood in front of a stone altar table. He was smiling. Cracks in the floor around him were filled with vegetation so rich, you could barely see his knees. The scene was bathed in moonlight pouring through massive holes in the roof.

In Mole’s hands sat the most ordinary item, a whisky bottle of no special feature, no apparent significance. The label read: Glenmorangie 1993 Burr Oak Reserve.

At the other end of the ruin an iron gate screamed a rusty warning. Cloaked and hooded, Lucas entered the theatre of events walking slowly and singing in his low, powerful voice.

From Ross and Tain on Alba’s shores,
Where copper stills stand proud and tall,
Will come the One who saves us all.
From death he saves my soul and yours.

Beneath the skies of million lights,
Beyond wild waters, hills and plains,
Grows Oak named Burr. From summer rains,
He gains his powers, gains his heights.

They hold their breaths in sacred pact,
Both virgin spirit, virgin oak.
The path to life runs through this act.

From Conquest, Famine, Death and War,
Protects us, he who comes at night,
From Ross and Tain on Alba’s shore.


Glenmorangie 1993
Burr Oak Reserve
56.3% ABV
Outturn: 1152 bottles

Availability: practically none (try conjuration)

Nose: Smells like a great quality single barrel bourbon. White chocolate, creaminess, vanilla and soft oak.

Palate: It may smell like bourbon, but it tastes like Scotch. Toffee and vanilla; richness, sweetness and robustness. Well thick for a Morangie.

Overall: Puts a big tick on the idea that, above all, it’s the wood that makes whisky. Still however the distillery signature is strong. We can only hope that Dr. Lumsden has more of this kind of stuff stashed away somewhere… and that it’s coming out in our lifetimes.


They drank in silence.

The task was complete, they triumphed. Decades of painstaking research, grueling battles, wild gallopade around the world in search of people and daemons, questions and answers… it was all was over. The last chapter of the war was finally concluded. After the fortunate events of Montague Street the One arrived. Those who were to be redeemed were now safe, and those who were to be lost were doomed.

One final task remained ahead of The Four. To destroy the world as it was and to lead the people to a better one. A world with no sulphur, no marketing bullshit and no white spirits.

One last task. Or so they thought.


In one of the side chapels of the Cathedral, an ancient stone christening basin started fillning with golden, shimmering liquid. Clouds of white smoke filled the nave from its moss-covered floors to the sieve-like ceilings.

A woman arose from the basin. With her eyes closed and arms stretched she kept rising and before long she was suspended a few inches above the golden nectar. Her body was ashine, but long blond hair seemed completely dry as it waved and danced in the draft. Her eyelids trembled and lifted, bottomless sea was behind them. The Tasters felt sudden urge to kneel. Her voice filled the church.

Do not fear me Bearers of the Doom, Children of the Abyss. I bring a word from my Master…

The Lord of Wick.


Next on The Four Tasters of the Apocalypse: The Lord of Wick makes The Tasters an offer they can not refuse. A civil war seems inevitable as the evil creeps in the dark. But who’s side will The Four take in the end?


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