Why is this whisky so cloudy?

Cloudy Whisky

OMG, look how cloudy this dram is! Wondering who made such a monstrosity?

Well, it was me of course! And it’s not quite whisky. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my very own, very first beer.

It’s not ready yet but when after 5 days of violent foaming and bubbling the primary fermentation ended and most of the yeast flocculated to the bottom I just couldn’t help myself and drew a small sample. The hydrometer reading was around 1.015 (down from the OG 1.049) which means it has lost more than 2/3 but less than 3/4 of it’s OG, happy times. A quick sensory evaluation revealed that this work-in-progress product is already showing a lot of the desired hefe-weizen character I’m going for, it’s spicy and quite fruity. Perhaps on the nose it’s a bit too much on the berry and too little on the banana side so far but this can easily change over the course of the conditioning period as the remaining yeast will metabolise acetaldehyde, diacetyl, pentanedione and other compounds while braking down some of the bigger fusel alcohols into esters… the flavour profile is still very much subject to change. On the palate, I am pleased to say, the acidity is in check and there don’t seem to be any off flavours present. There is a slight tartness/dryness to the aftertaste but again, this should iron out.

Now I’m going to leave it in the same fermenter for another week or so while monitoring the clarity. This should allow for some good conditioning to take place before bottling (conditioning reactions are mostly a function of yeast therefore conditioning at larger volumes is more effective). When I decide I’ve had enough waiting I’ll add some priming sugar and bottle. Another 2 weeks in the bottles and my brew should be ready for a tasting. But bottle conditioned beers improve (and then quickly deteriorate) with time which will give me an opportunity to torture you with tasting notes on my creation for months and months. Ha!

Let me know what you think.


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