St Andrews day. What did we learn? Part One


I have to say some apologies. This post has been a long time coming. I’m sure I can look forward to coal in my stocking this year. Santa will have picked me out as a wrong un’.


On St Andrews day (almost a month ago!) Lucas and I held a tasting of The Glenlivet range. The venue of choice was the Hotel Missoni and me, Lucas and Ian Logan (Glenlivet Brand Ambassador) were scheduled to host the event. So what happened? Well firstly, mountains of snow happened. This left Ian stranded in Speyside, and left Lucas and myself as the guys in charge.

Now, we know a fair bit about The Glenlivet. We have drank a fair bit of it, we have visited the distillery and we have blogged about it in the past, but hosting a tasting about it requires a wee bit of research. Our guests for this tasting were our blog readers. An attractive, confident and knowledgeable bunch. Lucas and I had to be at the top of our game to answer all of their questions and quench their thirst for knowledge.

We spent the day before in the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (Leith) doing research, chatting about what we were going to say, drinking whisky, picking Laura Hay’s brains (she is Society ambassador and her brother works in The Glenlivet distillery) and messaging Ian Logan with any questions we had. We were ready!

On the day itself: more snow! A few call offs due to the conditions. On the night, canapes were being served, Lucas was conversing with our guests and I was downstairs at the hotel lobby, waiting for the last of our guests to arrive. The lobby of the Hotel Missoni happens to be situated right beside the bar, so I stood at the bar and had a drink while I waited. I eavesdropped on a conversation between a lass at the bar and the barman. Barman “What are you going to do now you have left the Missoni?” Lass”I want to get into the Whisky industry!”. Fate had struck! We had 2 spaces on the tasting! She was at the bar with a friend. They joined us upstairs in the tasting room, the last of our guests arrived and we were ready to go.

What did we learn?

Neil and Joel have written up excellent tasting notes. Check them out at their fantastic blog.

After doing a fair bit of research, here is some things I learned about The Glenlivet. I was in charge of researching the 15 French Oak reserve, the Nadurra Triumph 16 and the 25 year old. Lucas can give you some gems of knowledge of the other whiskies on the range when he gets back from holiday.

Glenlivet 15 French Oak Reserve:

Quote from Ian Logan:

With regard to the 15yo French Oak Reserve, after 13 years we move around 20% of the whisky that was all maturing in American Oak to New Limousin (french) Oak Casks for the final 2 years of ageing. To be called a finish 100% of the whisky has to be moved to that specific wood. We do not do that hence the use of the word Reserve as against Finish

Glenlivet 16 Nadurra Triumph:

A limited 1991 vintage. 48% Abv and made from one strain of barley. Triumph barley.

Glenlivet 25:

A beautiful Oloroso matured Glenlivet.


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