A Quick Dram: Girvan 1964

Occasionally, it’s nice to go for a glass of wine. Lucas and I studied wine at University (jammy beggars) so we both have a passion for wine. We are passionate about pretty much anything alcoholic (except Gin. I can’t deal with Gin). I had arranged to go for a glass of wine with a couple of friends at the Hotel Du Vin. Supping on a fine Pinot Noir from Australia, I took a wee glance at the Whisky menu. My eyes were immediately drawn to this wee gem. I couldn’t resist. I have actually been trying to get my hands on this Whisky for a while. I love aged Grain Whiskies, as I can testify here


Girvan 1964
37 Year Old Single Grain Whisky
First Bottling from William Grant’s Girvan Grain Distillery
48% Abv
Buy it here for £244.55
Or taste it here for £19.50

Nose: Grass, hay and honey suckle. A vanilla cream covered toffee apple. One of my friends said “Oaky, but in a good way”. Aromas of a florist and of green apples. One of my other friends noticed a slight chemically note “Chlorine in an outdoor swimming pool”

Palate: Again vanilla, battenburg cakes, liquorice, slight hint of grapefruit and oddly, caramel. At first it felt a little watery, but then the flavours started coming through. More honey (quite a light mild honey), green apples and grassy notes.

Although it has been aged so long, it was very fresh with just the slightest oakiness.

It reminds me of trying some very delicate expensive French white wines. It is classy and due to this, it is restrained. Your palate is on the look out for subtle tastes instead of big smokey and sherried flavours.

Finish: Actually relatively brief. Like the faint aroma of perfume from a beautiful lady who has just left the room, it was gone all too quickly.


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