A man about town: Part 2 (Cutty Sark at the Film Festival)

After ‘A man about town: Part 1′, I expected envy and extreme dislike. My readers, you are either far too kind or you are just sitting, stewing ,waiting for Part 2 of  a man about town. Well, here it is!


I orignally had quite a quiet weekend planned. Being a drinks rep (as I am) for Master of Malt is so much fun, but sometimes you need to lock yourself away and be unsociable for a weekend. Eat salad, drink whatever is the current super smoothie  and go running. Do all the things you neglect when you are too busy doing whisky tastings, rum tastings and cocktail tastings with the best bartenders in Scotland. It’s a really cool job, but you do occasionally earmark a weekend to just chill and take a bit of time alone. Great plans, but sometimes they just don’t come to fruition! I am glad that my boring plan got interrupted though, because what happened next was very cool

Cutty Sark and the Film Festival 

Sat at the computer, I saw this invite in my email box: ‘You are cordially invited to the premier of Meeting Monica Velour at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Starring Sex in the City Star; Kim Cattrall. Drinks reception with main sponsor; Cutty Sark at the Rutland Hotel’. My first thought: Woo Hoo! Get the Gladrags on, fix up/ look sharp and let’s head to a premier.


Jason (Jason Thomson: Guest Blogger) and I met outside the Rutland hotel, both looking suitably sharp. We wandered in and nabbed ourselves a Cutty Sark cocktail, which had the mildness of a G & T. The slightest taste of whisky, but mostly just a refreshing long drink with Mint, orange and lemonade. Very easy drinking. We sat down and chatted with a few folks from different blogs, newspapers and online media.

Then came a  good speech from the Cutty Global Brand Manager (It was short and to the point. My kind of speech!). They are launching a short film competition (Check it out here) in conjunction with the Edinburgh International Film Festival. I will let Jason tell you more about it at the end of the week, since he is going to enter, but basically the film has to connect to Cutty Sark in some way. It is a very good idea for a competition, because everybody wins. The Festival gets a sponsor for the next 2 years (at least), a short film maker will win a cash prize and get work out of this competition and Cutty Sark get someone working on their brand. Jason Craig, the Global Brand Ambassador said that so far, Cutty Sark was quite open in terms of branding. Obviously the ship is there and the tagline ‘the spirit of adventure’ but apart from that, it was a blank canvas for someone to work on. I could feel Jason sat beside me, bursting with excitement. He is the ultimate film geek. He studied the production side of things at college. I can’t wait to see his take on it (building you up here mate).

Meeting Monica Velour (Starring Kim Cattrall)

After all the drinks and competitions and stuff, I nearly forgot about the film! So how was it? Well, I really enjoyed it. It’s a comedy about a guy who tries to meet his favourite 1970′s Porn Star. I had low expectations, since my opinion of Sex and the City isn’t that high (it’s not a terrible show, just not really my thing) but that’s unfair on Kim Cattrall. She has been in the acting business for quite a few many years before Sex and the City.  At the Q&A afterwards, she was thoughtful, insightful, well spoken and very glamorous.


The film definitely had quite a few laughs and it flowed quite well. Good performances from the cast and quite an interesting story. Since I am not very good at summarising films, and since it is going to be quite difficult to find this film (you will have to search many DVD shelves), here is the official summary. This may encourage you to go and find it:

Awkward coat-hanger limbs, frizzy hair and a fondness for 1930s music loudly announce 17 year-old Tobe’s dorkdom. No surprise that he’s a virgin. But dork or not, Tobe’s still a teenage boy and when his favourite X-rated actress, star of such 70s hits as Saturday Night Beaver, schedules a comeback appearance live on stage, nothing will keep him away. Even a few hundred miles and their 32 year age-gap.

The Whisky

But wait a minute, Mr Hoban. You write a Whisky Blog, so how is the Whisky? Well, I would say that Cutty standard is fine for mixing, but really only for mixing. To grassy and green for drinking straight. It is a whisky designed with mixing in mind. Some of the aged stuff, on the other hand, is superb straight. Find a bar and try them.

What a blast of a night polished off with a couple of pints in a pub nearby. In this pub, I made promises of a tasting of Naked Grouse whisky while wearing very little in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled for this. Once I have made a slightly tipsy promise involving drinking whisky with very little on, I will keep that promise!

Thanks so much to Cutty Sark and the Film Festival for inviting us!


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