Ron de Jeremy got me partying all night at Hyde Out Bar

Tasting Ron De Jeremy Rum at Hyde Out Cocktail bar


I remember when I first heard of Ron de Jeremy Rum, I thought: that sounds cool, and I thought it would sell. I really want to taste Ron Jeremy’s Rum (I never thought I would think this)

Ok, I’ll get to the Legend that is Ron Jeremy in a minute, but here are my thoughts on the Rum:

It is a Golden Rum from Panama and it’s  7 years old. Created by Master Distiller Don Pancho Fernandez. It’s quite spicy, hints of vanilla, slightly raisiny and goes well with a fresh squeeze of lime and some ice. It works ok with coke, and it is ridiculously easy drinking. Now on to the innuendos:  It’s a stiff drink, it really hits the back of the throat and most people can’t wait to get it in their mouths. Oh my, it’s all getting a bit steamy in here! It is being distributed by Master of Malt (wait a minute, that’s not an innuendo!)

It’s a good innocence test, asking people if they know who Ron Jeremy is. In case you didn’t know, Ron Jeremy is the most prolific Adult movie star the world has ever seen. A purveyor of porn, a sex star. The highest paid male in the industry. He has starred in such greats as ‘the one eyed monster’ (a horror film) and orgazmo as well as many others (about 2000 films altogether).

It was last year that I heard that like many other famous folks (AC/DC, Status Quo) Ron was lending his name to a drink. I can understand the logic. Being in the drinks industry is a lot of fun. When you are minted, like he is, why not. I had visions of phallic shaped bottles, but instead I was presented with a classic stumpy spirits bottle with a picture of the man himself, the hedgehog, emblazoned across the bottle. The image kind of makes him look like a cross between Che Guevara and Jesus.


Now, to test a good  Rum , you really need to try it straight and then come up with cocktail recipes. That’s where Hyde Out bar in Edinburgh comes in.  Hyde Out is as it suggests, a bit of a secret gem in Edinburgh. Check out their new website here. A bar with over 300 different spirits. Brilliant food and innovative Cocktail bar folks. Quite a fancy bar, rather than a pub. The Hyde Out folks had kindly let us use their bar for the night. We were going to play with Ron’s product (oh dear) and see what cocktails we could come up with and test out Ron’s rum to see if it had the stamina to last the distance (I may go lie down in a minute. Too many double entendre’s)

So the team for the night: Myself (as a taster) Martin Duffy (head of Scottish Society of Professional Bartenders and a cocktail recipe man) Rosie Lewis (Bartender at the Voodoo Rooms, Cocktail Lady and Designer extroardinaire) and Gregg (One of the excellent Cocktail staff at Hyde Out). We  were going to come up with some Cocktail Recipes for this ‘big’ rum. Well they were.I was going to taste. Lucky guy I am. To the recipes:

Martin Duffy’s Cocktail recipe: Keeping you up all night Ron

15 ml of Gomme suger syrup

50ml of Ron de Jeremy Rum

A single espresso

Chocolate rimmed martini glass


Gregg’s Cocktail Recipe To serve with love (a reference to a novel about a teacher in love with his pupil. Ron used to be a teacher). A rum twist on a Manhattan.

Egg white

Bitter Truth Bitters

15 ml of super concentrated apple juice

50 ml of Ron de Jeremy

A touch of Gomme

Garnish with Apple slices soaked in brown sugar

Rosie’s Cocktail

Rosie had actually just won a bottle of Ron by designing a fantastic logo for the Scottish Society of Professional Bartenders, which you can check out here. That’s one of the reasons we all met up.

El Porkupine (His name being the hedgehog, this cocktail being a twist on an el presidente and Pork, well I’m sure you can see that this name suits Ron in all sorts of ways)

37.5ml of Ron de Jeremy

12.5ml Apricot Brandy

12.5ml Dry Vermouth

10ml of Pineapple juice

5ml of Grenadine

Dash of Pechauds Bitters. Cinnamon rimmed martini glass.

Overall: Ron de Jeremy Rum is a very versatile spirit. It’s quite nice straight or with lime. If you think outside the box, you can come up with some cool and dirty cocktails with it. I’m not going to pick a winner, cocktail wise. They were all tasty.  A wild night ensued. Here are some of the photo’s. Ron style.


Ps: Check out Ron’s website here. It’s a ridiculous website. No cheeky videos though. And buy Ron de Jeremy Rum here.


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