Cohiba 1966 by Jamie

This post comes from our new guest blogger; Jamie! I have to thank Jamie, as she is the first person to really get me into cigars. I read this review and I thought, wow, I want one of those Bad Boys. I hope this will be the beginning of many more posts. Jamie currently works at the Cigar Box on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Go and visit her for a nice cigar and some excellent advice. Hoban



Background: Cohiba 1966 limited edition commemorates the 45th Anniversary of Cohiba with
a unique format specially selected for this occasion.
Country of Origin: Cuban
Size: 6 1/2
Girth: 52

Wow, did we have a good time yesterday when we fired up our shop’s new boy in the humidor… let’s all welcome the Cohiba 1966 ltd ed. 2011.

Appearance: It’s a log! Maybe not as long as the Allones gigantes or the Partagas Lusitanias, but it’s definitely not your everyday petite corona ‘twig’ size. So prepare to book a time slot in your diary for it!

Nose: I don’t quite like anybody who judges a cigar by the nose!!! Yes, it’s a great aroma to savour…but only if it’s your own cigar! Wouldn’t you hate smoking a cigar that everyone has wiped their nose across? If it smells plenty, it most probably means that it’s still quite young or the cigar is quite well humidified. Dryer cigars and the aged matured ones tends to have less smell to them as complex chemicals inside the leaves break down over time. It also depends on whether the cigar is kept in its own tube or not…Anyway, this cigar had pleasant fermented tobacco smell to it that was not too strong but it is there, indicating youngish tobacco.

Taste: Very deceiving! For anyone that is looking at a Cohiba at such a size, they would have thought they got themselves a good strong smoke….they will be in for a disappointment if that’s the case. Like the Romeo & Julieta Churchill and the likes of Allones gigantes, the blend of this release is very smooth and delicate. So delicate that one would think it is just below medium, though Hunters & Frankau classified it as medium to full. However, ALL the important flavours were there; tobacco herbaceousness, wood, spice, nectar sweetness, floral…all in small doses, mixed in and balanced with each other very well, with none of the individual flavours over dominating each other. This did not change from tip to middle to end. Maybe just a bit more sweeter in the middle and only just right at the end that the usual roughness came out.

It’s only when one manages to get near then end that you realized why the cigar needs to be of such large size. At such delicate smoke, a large dose of it is needed to gather up all together in the end to become a full satisfying meal. It is also because the blend is so delicate and smooth that one is able to feel comfortable human without too much of a nicotine hit after such a large young cigar.

Finish: A very satisfying cigar if the whole log is smoked in one go. Perfect for a post lunch coffee table smoke or park strolling (preferably not with a dog yanking you in all directions). This cigar leaves a very nice gentle sweet smoke tobacco taste to your mouth that won’t deter ladies from coming close to you.

Conclusion: It’s a slow seduction game…good things come to those who wait till the end!


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