Decisions, decisions…

GraemeODYWHurricane Bawbags may be kicking the ass of the nation at the moment, creating enough noise and destruction to rival a tantrum thrown by our very own Jason ‘The Bear’ Thomson, but it has provided me with some free time to write this here blog post.

It’s been a busy few weeks for me and for once it has not just been gallivanting around the country with Master Hoban, drinking fine liquids and looking dapper (See here). Nope, this time I appear to have grown up and have been offered my very first ‘real person’ job. Not that being a (very) part-time whisky blogger/guide/barman/taster is not a real job… well actually according to my mother it isn’t, so I had to apply for something else. Eventually I got an offer for a job last week and that is when the doubts set in. Did I really want THIS job? Was it right for me? Was it the right industry? Could I not just bum around a bit more? Lots of questions and a very important decision to make, and you know what they say: with big decisions come big Decision Whiskies!
Brain primed, I rocked up to the Scotch Whisky Experience for some friendly advice and mind affirming liquid. Regina was the barmaid of choice, using her wise words of wit and wisdom she suggested the two newest releases they had in an effort to make me man up. In the end I left the choice up to the Decision Whiskies (a very mature thing to do) a Single cask 1995 Benriach and a new 21 year old Glendronach, rather aptly titled Parliament. Here is what I found:

Decision Whiskies!

Benriach 1995 Single Cask PX Finish, 675 bottles, 58.3% ABV

Nose: Rich fruity sharp sweetness, black currant, melons and oak.
Taste: Not as sharp as you would think from a whisky of that strength. Still exceedingly rich and sweet, like a black currant lozenge with a bit more fizz. Little bit of a cinnamon note coming through as well.
Finish: Definitely a thought provoker, long and lingeringly sweet. A slight chai tea element to the finish, creamy with a warming spice.

Glendronach Parliament 21yo, matured in Oloroso and PX casks, 48% ABV

Nose: The ridiculously dark cherry red colour does not bely the aroma. So, so rich like a sweet creamy px. Not much overcomes this heavy aroma, a slightly spicy malt loaf.
Taste: A pleasant surprise after the nose. An initial rich oloroso burst fills the mouth, then a wave of orange marmalade speckled with bitter chocolate. Gives way to a lovely, delicate yet spicy cinnamon note. A drum roll across the palate with spice and strong, dark cocoa..
Finish: Long and full flavoured, orange and spice. Orange Matchmakers!

With the excellent Decision Whiskies consumed, their thought provoking finishes lingering in my mind, I decided it was time to grow up and accept the job. One week on and it was definitely a good choice. Decision Whiskies always get it right.
(NB: Having more than a couple of Decision Whiskies at any one point may undo the decisive powers and may ultimately end in bad decisions!!)

Graeme Gardiner

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