A Quick Boxing Day Dram: Cadenhead’s Blended Malt Campbeltown

Well, after stuffing my face for the last 3 days, having lots of Christmas cheer, watching Home Alone 1 (a must for the holidays) and generally relaxing, I return to the dastardly difficult task of tasting whisky and writing about it. Why God, why did you give me such a cross to bear?!

But seriously, it’s actually quite nice to turn the TV off (after watching Boxing day football), put on some music (the band I am listening to are called Low. They are very good)  and taste a wee dram. With a nice bit of music on, I find I can relax and enjoy my whisky.



I purchased this bottle at Cadenhead’s Whisky Shop on the Royal Mile. If you haven’t been there, get your ass down, as it is a brilliant wee shop. The atmosphere is relaxed and it kind of feels like going back in time a bit when you are in there. It’s authentic. The guys who run it are great crack (Mark and Neil), they know loads about whisky (and life). The selection is mainly Cadenhead’s bottlings, which include; Springbank, Hazelburn, Longrow, Old Raj Gin, Cognac, loads of Rum and what I am sampling, which is from one of the living casks that they create in the shop.

Mark runs tastings from this website .

Cadenhead’s Blended Malt

Campbeltown vatting, between 3 and 12 years Old

57% Abv. Straight from the cask into the glass.

Nose: Takes a bit of warming in the glass. Oily, peppery and a bit oaky. A kind of salad dressing/vinaigrette. Slight meatiness and slight hints of olives. A bit briney. Really appetising.

My sister said it smelt oaky, spicy and burnt. Also a bit musty, like an old museum.

Palate: Lovely and rich oiliness. Maybe ever so slightly lighter than other Campbletown vattings I have tried, but still quite tasty.

Ww: With water, this dram opens up. Smokiness, a bit meaty and spicy. Definitely add water to this one, without water, the alcohol is too strong, so you can’t taste as much (not the case with all cask strength’s, but definitely with this one)

Overall: lovely stuff. It’s not mind blowing, but if you want a session whisky, with some friends that enjoy a bit of complexity in their dram, this is your man. Just remember to add water.

Right, I’m off to watch Home Alone 2…

Chris Hoban

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