Happy New Year!

Hey folks, hope you had a very happy New Year! The great thing about the New Year is that, after the hangover has subsided, you can look forward to the next year and everything it’s going to bring. I am very excited about this year, as this is going to be a huge year for Edinburgh Whisky Blog. We are going to have:

  • Many more interviews with industry experts, industry law makers, scientists and any random bod that wanders past EWB towers.
  • Loads more tastings
  • Articles every single day of the week and most weekend days
  • More videos
  • Trips abroad
  • Experiments, inventions and crazy stuff
  • Many suprises to come in the next few months.

Since it is ridiculously windy outside (hurricane bawbag 2) I thought I would crack open a few rums. I love rum. So many different countries make so many different styles. Whether you like lighter fruity Rum Agricole or darker Molasses based rum. Golden Rum, Dark Rum, Blanco or Rum liqueurs. There are all sorts of Rums for every palate. And the other great thing is; you feel like a pirate when you drink rum.


(Me and Graeme on a pirate night out. He is dressed way more like a pirate, but I have a Rum & Coke. Who’s more piratey?)

The 2 rums I have chosen to try are both molasses based, but one is a golden rum (cask influenced flavours) and the other is a dark spiced rum (cask influenced, lots of caramel added and spices added too).

Appleton Estate 8 Year Old (Golden Rum)


Nose: Nutty, chocolate and honey. It’s a bit creamy, and there are hints of almonds. Lovely stuff, if perhaps lacking the huge punch some golden rums have.

Palate: Bit more spice on the palate. Honey, cream and cocoa.

Finish: Coffee and cream.

Overall: I could drink this all day. Very easy drinking and sweet.


Bristol Black Spiced Rum


Nose: Raisins, plums and vanilla all macerated in coca cola with aniseed and liquorice

Palate: Bit drier, still coca cola, aniseed, slight hint of orange and dark bitter chocolate

Finish: Banana and raisin bread

Overall: Amazing nose, but a bit much on the palate. One for a cold Christmas night with a mince pie, but I would only have the one.

Chris Hoban

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