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Last week, as my first post of the  New Year, I tasted rum. Now I am tasting beer. Bloody whisky bloggers! We just cannot keep on topic, eh? I can’t help it. Rum and beer are new and exciting for me. They appeal to my whisky loving taste buds by being strong and complex, and because they are new flavours, I find it fascinating to taste them.

I can’t claim to be an expert, but I never claimed to be an expert on whisky. You don’t need to be an expert to taste stuff. Just the conviction to to know what you like.

The Scottish beer industry is going through a huge period of growth as we speak. More and more micro breweries are popping up, while micro breweries of the past are getting bigger, more successful and more accomplished. Good beer is appearing in more and more pubs. Variety is the spice of life, and the level of variety in the Scottish beer category is brilliant.

The venue of choice  tonight is the Red Squirrel in Edinburgh. It’s a really good pub, as they have a multitude of beer taps, it’s a nice place and has excellent burgers. What more can you ask for? On another point, I haven’t had a bad pint from this pub and none of my friends have either. They have a reputation for keeping their beers well, and so far, I heartily agree.

Beer of choice tonight is going to be from Williams Bro’s. The Williams Bro’s have been brewing since 1988 and they are based in Alloa. They are an example of one of those breweries that started off small; in the beginning, their output could supply about 5 pubs and they were based in a tiny railway station and now, they are really reaping the rewards for their hard work over the past 20 plus years.

Profanity Stout
Williams Bro’s dark beer
7% ABV

Nose: I have never been sure about nosing beer. This one is quite bitter and has a nice hoppiness. The reason I say I am unsure is I find it less aromatic than whisky. I find I pick up less. Perhaps that is my inexperience tasting beer shining through. Still worth nosing though.

Palate: You know, for a 7% stout, it’s actually quite easy to drink. Bit of hoppiness, quite creamy with a slight bitterness.
Frighteningly, for a 7% stout, it tastes like a session beer. At 7%, that would be quite a session!

Finish: Burnt toast and bitter chocolate.
Joker IPA
Williams Bros IPA
5% ABV

Nose: This is my kind of beer! I love IPA’s. Grass and green apples. A slight maltiness and gristiness.

Palate: Grapefruit and fizzy apples. Apricots and tangerines followed by some bitterness. I have a sweet tooth, and this definitely appeals to it. As my good friend Neil from Cadenheads would say: Num Num Num.


So that’s it folks. A couple of beers that you should definitely try. If you like having beer reviews on the blog, let us know and we will make this a more regular thing!

Chris Hoban

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