St Isidore – the bloggers blend

St Isidore blended whisky

All the way back in June I made my big debut here on Edinburgh Whisky Blog. Like any naive rookie I thought I knew it all and took on my assignment with the sort of swagger you could only associate with a narcissistic peacock. I was soon brought down to earth when ten samples were sitting in front of me each in need of reviewing for the one article. To say it was a humbling experience would be like describing the first time I fell down some stairs as “mildly painful”. The samples were the ten different blends created by ten different whisky blogs taking part in Master of Malt’s bloggers blend experience. You can take that trip down memory lane here. I thought my adventure with this fantastic little experiment was at an end until recently when a sample of the whisky St Isidore fell into my lap and I got the chance to relive one of the blends again.

St Isiodore was the name that was decided for the winning blend. Why? Well simply because St Isidore is the Patron Saint of the internet. Yes the internet has a Patron Saint. Old Isidore isn’t even the weirdest Patron Saint out there. Topping the list we have Saint Drogo the Patron Saint of unattractive people (I pray to him a lot) and Saint Winefride who is the Patron Saint of avoiding unwanted advances (not really an issue I face too much).

St Isidore

Blended Scotch whisky
41.1% ABV
£44.95 available here

Nose: Reminds me of camping trips by the sea. Rich notes of burnt driftwood draft up the nostrils and are complemented by a sweetness that could be roasted marshmallows. There is certainly a good amount of smoke that makes it very different to a lot of blends.

Palate: Full of wood and smoke. It lingers and delvelops into something much sweeter and more complex. Spice, a light nutiness comes through in the finish as well.

A real quality blend that is worth a bit of time to consider. If you don’t fancy a bottle you can always try Master of Malt’s drinks by the dram service just to give this little curiosity a try. Just so you know I had a tiny bit of the winning blend left (sample I for your information fact fans) and it is indeed the same whisky. Not that I thought it wouldn’t be. I’m just no longer a rookie and like to check up on these things.


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