Has Jura gone mad?!


Why, Jura, why?

We’re all familiar with whisky from Jura. Whether you prefer the malty cereal and sweet heather tones of the Origin 10, the herbal peat smoke punch of the Prophecy or something in between the two, this distillery produces something everyone can enjoy. I personally go for the 16yo for its smoked ham and brie aromas, chewy toffee and earthy richness. I haven’t ever tasted something from Jura where I wouldn’t say yes to another dram. Lucas describes the house style as ‘dirty’ and I’m inclined to agree. There’s something rich and full with every bottling which really coats the palate and doesn’t let you forget it in a hurry. The spirit is distinctly full of Juron (if you don’t know what I mean, let Lucas explain it to you here). It’s totally unique and difficult to describe without inventing a new word for it altogether. I half expect to find some peaty sediment and splinters of wood at the bottom of my glass after finishing a dram of Jura. Dirty in a cheeky sense. Dirty in a good way (a bit like Rihanna).

There are 4 solid standard bottlings; the three I’ve named above, along with Superstition which is a blending of different styles and ages of Jura spirit. All four are perfectly drinkable whiskies and, depending on the occasion, very suited to warming the cockles on a cold winter’s evening. So there we have it; a very well respected distillery producing fine malt. They have the balls to experiment with it yet still keep the intriguingly dirty house style intact. Sounds like a solid strategy doesn’t it? You’d think so. So did I until I found out they’d teamed up with a psychic from The Sun newspaper. What the fuck?! Joan Charles is resident psychic at The Sun and will be analysing five doodles from five Diurachs each week to assess their “character, work, emotions, family and maybe even their future.” Apparently she’s astonishingly reliable and incredibly accurate. I’m not surprised. As a journalist from one of Rupert Murdoch’s bullshit-laden, privacy-ignoring, phone-tapping piles of tripe I imagine it’s pretty easy for her to gain access to the family and work life of whomever she pleases. And what do Jura gain from this? I’ve thought long and hard about this. I really have. But I can’t find anything positive, just a laughable piece of publicity. Come on Jura, you’re better than this.

Maybe Joan should look at my handwriting from scribbling down this article and examine my emotions right now. If she’s as accurate as purported then rest assured her analysis wouldn’t be available until after the watershed. A simply ridiculous publicity stunt. Totally needless.


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