Fancy dating an EWB editor?


It’s an undeniable fact that many of you ladies out there have wanted to go on a date with Mr Hoban. It’s only natural. I mean, what with that sparkling wit, infamous silver-tongued charm and those devilish good looks even I harbour a (not so secret) desire to ignite our bromance at any given opportunity. This got me thinking. It’s easy for him and I to gaze longingly into each other eyes catch up over a pint or a dram in any of Edinburgh’s fine drinking establishments and chat away about our many shared interests in whisky, politics, films, tiddlywinks etc. But how do you meet a girl who likes the same things as you without being awkwardly set up on a blind date with a friend of a work colleague, or filling out a cringey I’m-amazing-please-date-me profile on an online dating site? It’s a question which each and every singleton has asked themselves after graduating university without ‘settling down’ or ‘finding the one’ by the age of 22.

The harsh post-university reality is that it can be quite difficult to strike up conversation with a potential date in a bar and not be perceived as a sexual deviant or a creepy old man (even at the relatively tender age of 25). However, London-based-dating-site-with-a-difference DoingSomething appear to have come up with the holy grail of date nights. This Thursday, February 28th, they have teamed up with Time Out London and are taking over the EDF Energy London Eye to create a completely unique dating experience. Each of the London Eye’s 32 capsules will be transformed into a variety of crazy dating venues. The Wheel of Date, as it will be known, will randomly allocate each adventurous singleton to a dating scenario as they arrive, allowing everyone to enjoy themselves without the grey cloud of “I need to impress” hanging over them.

Here’s a cheeky taster of what you could end up doing on Thursday evening 435 feet above the River Thames:

• Origami with Queen of Hoxton.
• Bunny petting (not the Playboy variety unfortunately, but the floppy-eared fluffy type) with Hackney City Farm.
• Listening to live stand up comedy with The Comedy Store.
• Clubbing with the legendary Guilty Pleasures club night.
• Competitive types can enjoy table football with Cafe Kick or a game of table tennis with Pongathon.
• Finally, for those not easily embarrassed there are life drawing classes with the guys from The Book Club in Shoreditch.

Once safely disembarked from The Wheel of Date you can relax with fellow daters over a drink at the Old Vic Tunnels, a seriously cool labyrinth of disused train tunnels near the South Bank which is rapidly gaining a reputation as London’s leading underground arts venue.

This is just a glimpse of what’s on offer on The Wheel of Date (come on, I’m not going to give the whole game away). Tickets, priced at £29, are available here and include a month’s subscription, worth £25, to the DoingSomething website. Now I know this post has fuck all to do with whisky but to us this sounds like a ridiculously cool event and we don’t want any of our single London friends to miss out on an amazing night on the tiles where they may meet the man/woman of their dreams. Life drawing/comedy/table football/rabbits/ping pong/origami aboard the London Eye followed by drinks in an underground arts venue is the best offer I’ve had on a Thursday evening for a long time. If you’re lucky you might bump into one of us guys there, and if you faithfully pray to whoever it is that you pray to, then that guy might just be Mr Hoban. Just saying.


*Disclaimer* If anyone should find their soulmate at this event as a result of reading this article then all five of us expect an invite to your wedding. It’s the least you can do. And if you ask nicely we’ll even supply the whisky.


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