Talisker Storming Oysters


Talisker Storm

New whisky from Talisker! Strength upped, mixture of younger and older whisky, interesting use of oaks (de-char/re-char). It’s exciting stuff.

The instant fear, when hearing that Talisker Storm was coming out, was that it was going to replace the 10. Now while I admit, I am not the biggest fan of the 10, I know some die hard Talisker fans who would rampage (or at least complain loudly), if the 10 was to disappear. Fear not, Talisker 10 is not disappearing. It is just being joined by Storm (a Talisker with a bit more guts), and another expression, which will be released soon (it’s gonna be porty).

Seeing these releases reminded me of what I said about Macallan Gold. If you are going to release new, non age statement whisky, make it interesting and challenging. Up the strength, use different casks, come at it from an angle. I think it’s great news Talisker are releasing new drams to keep their audience interested. With this younger, smokier, gutsier feel, Storm reminds me of the 8 year old they used to bottle and I am definitely looking forward to the next new edition.

I have already suggested that I like the Talisker Storm, but how much do I like it? Let’s find out…

Talisker Storm
A mixture of de-char re-char casks & refill casks at different ages
45.8% ABV
Buy it here for £39.95

Nose: Nice notes of berries, ginger, vanilla and pear, all clustered around the smoke. A nice, simple clean smoke, that isn’t overpowered by the increase in ABV to 45.8%.

Palate: Salty and a nice level of peat. Not too hot. Nice burst of beach bonfire, peppery notes and seafood notes.

Finish: Tiny notes of dark chocolate and charcoal.

Overall: It’s got guts, but it is still easy drinking. I like it more than the 10, as I think the 10 can be too peppery for me at times. The flavours in this Talisker are more appealing to me.

Oysters were mentioned?

Yes, Talisker Storming Oysters is the title. I was lucky enough to taste Talisker Storm with oysters. I had never had an oyster before. Quite an experience. Like being hit in the face with a bucket of salty water (in a good way), with a rich, whisky finish. The Oysters bring the richness out in the whisky. It was an excellent first experience with oysters and I thought it really worked. I would recommend it.

Chris Hoban


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