Fary Lochan Danish Whisky

Fary Lochan Danish Whisky

When I started in the Scotch Whisky Experience, all those years ago, fresh faced, young and cocky, I did my training about whisky, and suddenly, I thought I knew everything about booze. People would start saying I was a “whisky expert” (I hate this term). It’s funny, because I think the more you learn and obsess about a topic (it’s been over 5 years now I have been reading and writing about booze, pretty much every day), the more you realise you really don’t know anything. The past 6 months, I have been writing about Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Beer, Sherry and more (for my day to day job), and I have pretty much had to start again in terms of what I know and don’t know regarding drinks.

I think it makes it even more exciting, as it broadens my horizon. I always have new distilleries to learn about, new breweries, wineries, processes and more. If I was limited to Scotch, and the 100 odd distilleries here (and growing), I think I would get more intimate knowledge of each distillery, but lose any perspective of the business as a whole. That and Scotch does tend to follow quite a standard production process, with the odd tweak here or there.

I am lucky enough that I occasionally get sent samples, which always excite me as I get to learn about something different, so it was great when the brilliant Steffen Brauner, sent me a sample of whisky from his homeland; Denmark. Here’s a bit of background to Fary Lochan (if you want background on Steffen, take him for a pint):

If was founded by Jens-Erik Jørgensen. So far he has made around 25 casks a year from 2010 and onwards

Fary Lochan makes 4 different whiskies, named after the seasons

Autumn: Smoked to 1.5ppm. Ex-bourbon matured, married in ex-sherry (I would call that a finish!)

Winter: Smoked to 13ppm. Ex-bourbon casks (he says he got some ex-Laphroaig casks as well)

Spring: Smoked to 7ppm. Ex-bourbon

Summer: Ex-bourbon. No smoke

 I use the term smoke and not peat. The source is his own home made smoked barley with nettles as “fuel”. The undiluted homemade barley is 50ppm!

 After his whisky has turned into real whisky that is at least 3 years old he will bottle a couple of casks a year, so most of his very small production is aimed to be older stuff. But he plan to release a bottling every 9 months.

This is his first release. It’s of the autumn kind. It’s made from three quartercasks finished (or married) in a sherry butt for 5 months. The outturn was 511 50cl bottles and 555 5cl miniatures.

So, there is a bit of background for you. Now lets see how it tastes:

Fary Lochan 3 Year Old
48% Abv Danish Single Malt Whisky
3 Quartercasks finished in a sherry butt for 5 months
Check them out here

Nose: Pears, fresh bourbon cask oakiness, vanilla, apricot, almond paste and honey. A really pleasant nose.

Palate: Peppery, apple notes, orange oil, caramel, spicy, floral sour. It’s really full flavoured, and seems to have pretty much all the flavours imaginable.

I really like it, as younger whisky can sometimes taste really flawed, and this is not the case with this. I think age will harmonize more of the flavours, but it is really tasty now, without the harshness normally associated with youth. I like the fact the flavours and aromas really grabbed me, even if they were slightly all over the place.

Chris Hoban

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