#anCnocAWeek – anCnoc 1975 & 2000


How much change takes place in a quarter of a century? Look at fashion, cars, sport, music, politics or any other given topic and I’m sure you’ll agree countless things have their brief moment in the spotlight before something newer, cooler and more innovative comes along. However, if you consider whisky, not a lot changes. Not in terms of production anyway. For example, production at Knockdhu distillery (the birthplace of anCnoc whisky) has barely changed since the distillery was set up in the late 1800s. A single pair of stills and very little automation. With regards to the quarter century in question in this article (1975-2000), the names on a staff rota from 1975 might be different to the ones on a rota from 2000, but not much else is different.

As part of our #anCnocAWeek competition running throughout June, I’ve decided to take a look at two vintage anCnocs – the 2000 vintage and the 1975 vintage. The 2000 is a vatting of ex-sherry Spanish oak butts and ex-bourbon American oak barrels. The 1975, on the other hand, is a vatting of only three American oak and Spanish oak ex-sherry casks, and limited to just 1590 bottles. The 2000 is the first of anCnoc’s annual vintage releases from the new millennium, and having tasted most of what’s come before, I’m thoroughly looking forward to it. The 1975 is a far more intriguing beast, with these casks having slumbered in a warehouse for 39 years. One was distilled in the age of the internet and mobile phones, the other in the age of flared jeans and the Rubik’s cube.

anCnoc 2000/2014
6000 bottles
46% ABV
£54.95 here

Nose: Sweet and enticing, with singed orange peel, malt biscuits, brazil nuts, fruit cake and rich toffee. The sherry influence is significant without being overpowering.

Palate: The orange is back and hits first, then there’s lemon cheesecake and vanilla ice cream, before darker notes of sticky toffee pudding, manuka honey, caramel and wood spice come through.

Finish: The sherry notes linger with some oak and cinnamon.

anCnoc 1975/2014
1590 bottles
44.2% ABV
£295 here

Nose: Huge. Like, pretty massive. Starting with tropical fruit notes of pineapple, peach and mango it then moves to Demerara sugar, sandalwood, dried fruit, a lot of exotic spices, some earthy notes and even a hint of peat.

Palate: The taste matches the nose – lots of depth and complexity. Dark cherries, rum soaked raisins, sultana cake to start with. Then cacao, tobacco leaf, unlit cigar and leather. A real sweet earthy note comes through too, like a mulchy forest floor. Quite a bit of oak too, which you’d expect from a whisky this old.

Finish: The wood spice hangs around, along with old books, polished wood and a rich sherry sweetness.

Overall: Well there we have it folks. Two anCnoc vintages separated by a quarter of a century. Having tasted quite a few expressions before, I’m familiar with the distillery style and this comes through in both whiskies. The sherry casks don’t dominate too much and add a certain depth to both whiskies. Cracking liquid and a joy to taste them. Keep an eye out on our blog over the next couple of weeks as we give you the opportunity to win some equally awesome stuff from anCnoc as part of our #anCnocAWeek competition!



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