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The Old & Rare Whisky Show Glasgow is a festival showing an older style of whisky. Modern day whisky tends to be made with distillers yeast, powerful fresh casks, wood finishes and condensers. At the Old and Rare festival, you’ll be able to try longer fermented whiskies, made using different yeasts, direct fired pot stills, older oak and worm tub condensers. There are still some distillers that use some of the old techniques, but this is a chance to try lots of vintage whiskies that will have been made in an old fashioned way.

As a 2nd point, it is great to try liquid history. Whiskies from the past 100 years. And the thing is, as whisky becomes more and more popular, the harder it is going to become to get whiskies from the 1920′s, 30′s, 40′s and 50′s. Particularly to try a sample of them, rather than having to spend thousands on these bottles at auction.

Your ticket includes £50 of tokens to be spent at the stands, which are made up of whisky bars, retailers, auctions houses and some independent bottlers, all providing their rare old whiskies. Prices vary in terms of drams from each stand. It is a bit of a different model than Whisky Fringe or Glasgow Whisky Festival, where the ticket fee allows you to taste any whisky from any stand, but the point of this show is you are getting a chance to try some of the rarest and oldest whiskies available anywhere. There will be around 200 people on each day, so you will have more time to talk to the stand holders than at some of the busier shows. Allowing the stands to charge for drams allows them to bring along some very old and rare expressions

For your £50 in vouchers, there are certainly some bargain drams at the show. For example: a 1948 blend for £3. Imagine drinking a whisky from 1948. Absolute liquid history (I am repeating myself here a bit, but I think the point needs to be rammed home), a liquid that was born just as Europe picked itself up after years of war. A liquid born in a time when the internet was barely a twinkle in someone’s eye. You may think I am getting a bit carried away, but this is one of the beauties of truly old whisky, you can consume something of such age. Here’s a full list of drams: https://whiskyshow.com/glasgow/dram-list/

I have heard the odd rumbling about pricing. Because it is not big brands, and the stands are bringing ultra unusual stuff, I think the costs do make sense. I am not a super rich guy, but I felt the opportunity to try these drams and talk to these folks made it worth the money for me. I admit, that although the Masterclasses are impressive in terms of the whiskies, and expertise on show, I cannot afford to purchase a ticket to a masterclass. Here’s the list here, just incase you have had a good run at the bookies recently: https://whiskyshow.com/glasgow/what-s-on/masterclasses/

I am really looking forward to it. Grab a ticket here: https://whiskyshow.com/glasgow/tickets/

Chris Hoban



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