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We hear names of distilleries of yesteryear, and depending on the depth of your pockets, you might be able to try some. The recently deceased distilleries of Imperial, Caperdonich, Pittyvaich and Littlemill can still be found for a decent price, but if you want to taste something slightly rarer like a Rosebank, St Magdalene, Brora or, dare I say it, Port Ellen, then your pockets better stop at the bottom of your trouser leg. Dozens of distilleries have been and gone, and dozens more fell silent long before your parents were even thought about. But what if we could taste whisky from these largely forgotten distilleries? What if…?

Well, to quench that thirst (pun intended) The Lost Distillery Company was set up in 2012 with a view to researching these sorts of distilleries ad infinitum and create a whisky based on what they think the liquid from that distillery may have tasted like. As someone who is inherently, and at times to my detriment, sceptical about marketing ploys in the whisky industry, my instant reaction was to call bullshit. In fairness to The Lost Distillery Company, the info on the website is indeed very impressive, just take a look here at their history of Lossit distillery on Islay for example. They claim to research ten key components covering everything from locality, to raw ingredients, to equipment specifications, to wood policy in incredible detail, but I’m not sure how something can be likened to the original liquid, if there is no original liquid. Hmmm. Either way, we have two expressions of Lossit, a distillery you’ll know all about having clicked the above link, which existed on Islay between 1817 and 1867. The Classic Selection is the younger, entry level expression, with the Archivist’s Selection consisting of older whisky. I should also mention that both these whiskies are blended, rather than single, malts. Let’s see what happens.

Lossit Classic Selection
The Lost Distillery Company
Blended Malt
43% ABV
£41.10 here

Nose: Aromatic, gentle peat, salty, some lemon, banana fritters, toasted almonds and singed heather.

Palate: Quite fresh and coastal, with salted limes, oyster shells, slate, sweet hay and pepper.

Finish: Lingering peat smoke with coastal air and a lemon sweetness.

Lossit Archivist’s Selection
The Lost Distillery Company
Blended Malt
46% ABV
£59.95 here

Nose: Cinder toffee, liquorice, burnt twigs, dry leather, overripe lemons, toasted coconut, charred pineapple, tobacco and earthy woodsmoke.

Palate: Clove, cinnamon and some ginger spices, then there’s BBQ embers, Arbroath Smokies, burnt sultana cake, pencil and rich peat smoke.

Finish: Quite chewy, with leather, clove studded ham and woodsmoke.

Overall: First off, the liquid is pretty good. The Classic Selection was a bit lighter and more refreshing than I was expecting, but the Archivist’s Selection is rather impressive. It’s more rounded, richer, and generally has a bit more complexity. I still find the link to a long gone distillery tenuous to say the least, and I still don’t buy the story behind it. Having said that, if you simply take the liquid, and the easy-on-the-eye bottle which it comes in, I don’t think you’ll find too many people grumbling about it, particularly if that bottle is the Archivist’s Selection.



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