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Hello there. It’s been a while.

You’ll have noticed that things have been a bit…slow here at Edinburgh Whisky Blog. Mostly, this is down to the absolute content powerhouse that is Dr Christopher White landing a very lovely job within the very lovely whisky industry and, as such, not being able to contribute as much as he has done in the past few years. He may pop up here and there if the circumstances allow but for now join us in wishing him well and enjoying all the good drams.

As for me? Well, I welcomed another little chaos baby into the world last November and took five months of paternity leave earlier this year to help nurture him into a well rounded and adjusted person. The juries still out on just how well that went but it was certainly a worthwhile endeavour. Pretty sure his penchant for destruction has very little to do with those crucial five months of development he spent mostly with me. Pretty sure.

So, we’re back and we’ve got all the ideas for staying back. We’ve even started some of these ideas and spoken with real life people about them. They’re real and in the process of actually happening.

What sort of ideas? We’re talking new kinds of content on new mediums. New events in new venues. Engagement with local bars. It’ll all be happening over the coming weeks and months. So, stay tuned and tell your friends. Especially the ones that don’t like whisky. They’re the ones we’d really like to win over with some of our ideas – we know the long-time whisky lovers will already love them!

Lux Row Distillers

What better way of launching back into the whisky (spelt whiskey today) community than with one of the Whisky Wire’s amazing Flash Blog’s. This time we’ll be delving into the wonderful world of American whiskey and trying two releases from Lux Row Distillers. If you’d like to keep up to date with all the participant’s thoughts on these releases, you’ll just need to search #LuxRowWhiskey on the old social media to get full picture of what everyone thought.

The two whiskies we’ll be trying today should be a terrific comparison due to the differences in their initial mash bills. The first dram (is it a dram if it’s a bourbon?) is Ezra Brooks 99 Kentucky Straight Bourbon, is a more rye heavy mash bill. The second, Rebel 100 Kentucky Straight Bourbon, features more wheat in the mix. What sort of difference does that make? Have a look below for my thoughts.

Ezra Brooks 99
Lux Row Distillers
49.5% ABV
Around £35 for a 75cl bottle

Nose: It starts with a snapping of refreshers chews. For those not in the UK, and those that value their teeth, this is a chewy sweet which is filled with lemon sherbet. A waft of icing sugar comes through before an almost chalky bath bomb aroma sneaks in. Cinnamon snaps comes through at the end to round it off.

Palate: As you’d expect from a higher proof bourbon – the prickly dry oak heat is what first tingles the palate. It doesn’t take long thought before the sugared lemons from the nose start to roll over the tongue. These a complimented by light touches of vanilla flickering through and the warm spices of hot crossed buns.


Rebel 100
Lux Row Distillers
50% ABV
Around £35 for a 75cl bottle

Nose: The nose is surprisingly subtle and intriguingly fresh. There’s a nice mixture of aniseed and mint which gives the whiskey a feel of freshness without being overwhelming. Cream soda or a scoop of particularly good vanilla ice cream (the stuff made with real vanilla, not that pesky extract) is there at the end. I don’t think may people would guess this was a 100-proof whiskey on the nose.

Palate: Cream meets jawbreakers. Again, it’s surprisingly subtle but the light vanilla touches are juxtaposed by warming aniseed. It’s October, so it could be Pavlovian conditioning, but dare I suggest pumpkin spice? Again, I don’t think many people would call the strength of this due to it’s subtle nature.

Overall: Two very different yet very drinkable bourbons. The Ezra is certainly more for people that like their whiskey to bite back (if just a little) and the Rebel 100 is for people that want an easy drinking 100-proof whiskey (I’m sure that’s a real demographic). The Rebel’s high proof but subtle nature could really lend to some wonderfully sippable whiskey cocktails – a tasty and refreshing Mint julep for instance. The price won’t be an obstacle when it comes to mixing either- these are both great value for what you’re getting.




  1. Great selection on review here.

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